Expert parents

Expert parents

Points and levels

Earn points by adding content to elCambiador. Rate places with reviews, share your experience with comments, share photos and videos, edit place's information or add missing places.

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Contribution Points earned
Review 10 points
Photo 5 points
Video 7 points
Editing 5 points
Add site 15 points

Levels of elCambiador

Level up as you get points with your contributions.

Level Points
Level 1 0 points
Level 2 100 points
Level 3 250 points
Level 4 500 points
Level 5 1,000 points
Level 6 5,000 points
Level 7 15,000 points
Level 8 35,000 points
Level 9 75,000 points
Level 10 100,000 points

Please note that the points and the level may take up to 24 hours to update. Points do not expire, but you can lose them if we remove content because it violates our policies. Actively contribute to elCambiador for benefits.