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Parc Asterix

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Located in Plailly, very close to Paris, is Parc Astérix, one of the most legendary amusement parks in France. It was built with the work of Uderzo and Goscinny, Asterix and Obélix, as inspiration and reference, and the result was a theme park that has brought together the Gallic spirit for more than 30 years.

Since then, it has been one of the French parks of reference. The Astérix Park is subdivided into 6 different sections, each one inspired by an ancient culture or empire and in which very different attractions are distributed. It is the second largest theme park in France and a real tourist attraction for families and lovers of adrenaline.


The Park of Asterix has 6 main areas: The Roman Empire, Gallic Country, Ancient Greece, The Vikings, Through Time and Egypt. Each of them has a particular decoration and a type of attractions that adapt to some tastes or others, always inspired by the famous Asterix and Obélix comics.

The Roman Empire: it is the area that welcomes you to the couple, and where you will find all the basic services, from the information point to the restaurants, not forgetting bathrooms, clothing stores ... There are also some attractions such as Romus et Rapidus, les Espions de César, le Défi de César, le Carrousel de César or le Petit Train.

Welcome to the Gallic Country: welcome to the village of Asterix and Obelix! It is completely inspired by one of the main settings of the Asterix stories, and you will also find a multitude of attractions, such as Tonnerre de Zeus, Le Cheval de Troie, Pégase Express, Discobélix, Le Vol d'Icare, La Rivière d'Elis, L 'Hydre de Lerne.

Ancient Greece: an area 100% inspired by ancient Greece, with attractions such as Tonnerre de Zeus, Le Cheval de Troie, Pégase Express, Discobélix, Le Vol d'Icare, La Rivière d'Elis and L'Hydre de Lerne.

Through Time: This area recovers the French essence during the Middle Ages, which although it is not a constant in the comic if there are references. There is also a recreation of the Paris of the 1920s. There are workshops, beautiful decoration and attractions such as Les Chaises Volantes, L’Oxygénarium, Le Chemin des Sorciers, Les Chevaux du Roy, Le Transdemonium.

The Vikings: It is located around a large lake within the park. There you can enjoy with Goudurix, La Galère, Les Petits Drakkars, Les Petites Chaises Volantes, L'Escadrille des As, Le Mini Carrousel and Aire de Jeux Viking.

Egypt: Egypt is the newest area, with two and a half hectares inspired by this great empire. There are only two attractions, OzIris and SOS Numérobis

The park also has live shows, performances and a spectacular setting.


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