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Located in the municipalities of Chasseneuil-du-Poitou and Jaunay-Clan, on the outskirts of Poitiers, a French city, is the second most visited amusement park in the whole country, the mythical Futuroscope. Inaugurated in 1987, it has become a legend due to its particular facilities and its characteristic futuristic setting. In this park, the attractions are based on multimedia and the latest audiovisual, cinematographic and robotic technologies. Since 2003, the most representative symbol of the park is the Kinémax, a multi-colored pavilion that symbolizes the future, the image, the sensation, the emotion and the knowledge.

Both the restaurants, cinemas and attractions, as well as the different services, will transport us to a totally new and unknown world, the world of the future. In this way, in Futuroscope we can enjoy The Time Machine, Dance with the Robots, Gyrotour and Mars Target, among many other themed attractions. All this with a meticulous decoration and a wide variety of shows and interactive workshops inspired by futuristic culture and new technologies.

Dare to travel through space and time in this incredible amusement park!


The Futuroscope theme park has attractions to suit the tastes of the whole family; from experiences for the little ones like Kinékid, a 3D cinema for children, or Ice Age, a multisensory theater; to activities for lovers of strong sensations such as Aeróbar or Dynamic. You can also enjoy shows and educational workshops and even water walks.

Among the wide range of activities we can find: The Extraordinary Journey, Arthur: the 4D Adventure, the Strongman Seesaw, the Dynamic Vienne, Cosmic Collisions, The World of the Invisible, Eyes that do not see, and many more.

  • Dance with the Robots: Ten seven-meter-high robots from the automotive industry that move to the rhythm of the music in a room with light displays, video projections and visual mappings.
  • The Extraordinary Journey: The viewer stands on a platform that tilts 90 °, in a vertical position, with his feet in the air and in front of a 600-square-meter curved screen. Thus, with these enveloping effects, you get total immersion.
  • Dynamic: This attraction is inspired by the techniques of flight simulators. It is a digital projection with movement of the seats thanks to 4 hydraulic jacks. The film has its own computer program that directs the hydraulic jacks and translates the movements of the action.
  • The World of the Invisible: To appreciate what is too slow, it is necessary to go through the recording very quickly; high-speed cameras allow the rhythm of the video to be reversed to show what is 1000 times too fast and images of the infinitely small are obtained thanks to an electron microscope.


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