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Amigos del Burro - Burrolandia

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Unfortunately our children live in a social environment, far removed from the rural world that characterized Spain until not long ago.

The Association, unique in the Community of Madrid, acts as a link with nature, with the recent history of our ancestors, with the protection of animals ... something that is learned in school, but that children can see and touch here. To this end, since the creation of Amiburro, there have been numerous conversations with Associations of Parents of Students from schools, after which the social utility of educational, cultural, social and citizen participation activities has become evident.


  • Closely appreciate the donkey's habitat, behavior, feeding, cleaning, ...
  • Being in the middle of nature, where you will hear the singing of birds, the braying of donkeys ...
  • Feed the animals with the vegetable bowls that are made available to visitors.
  • Take photos.
  • Reproduction, lactation and biological cycles, by observing the young with their mothers and herd.
  • Study and practice of agricultural and industrial work that donkeys have had and still have, through the visualization and explanation of photos.
  • Participate on demand.
  • Contemplate the donkey house with more than 300 units, where you can see the collection of farm implements, traditional harnesses and objects of rural life of great value, (trails, plows, collars, carts, serones, girths ... ( After the fire we are preparing the Donkey museum, we hope to have it soon).

In short, that anyone can spend an excursion in Burrolandia, where they know that it is a donkey, that it eats, why it is becoming extinct, how this association avoids it, etc. The promotion has been taking place since January 1996, with visits from individuals on Sundays, schools, foundations ... and as soon as the occasion arises through television, press and radio appearances.

We hope that your visit will serve to make you even more aware of the natural environment. The modernization of the countryside and the abandonment of our traditional world, bring with them the progressive disappearance of this domestic equine that so much helped man to facilitate his work. Numerous abandoned donkeys are found all over the world and the time has come to rescue and raise awareness.

We are pet friendly, that is, you can bring your pet as long as it is tied up and does not leave a "trace" of it.

On Mondays, reservations are opened for the following Sunday.

When and how can you visit?

We open for all audiences on Sundays from 10:00 to 14:30 approx. Prior reservation will be necessary.

Who is it for?

Any type of public can visit us as long as the basic recommendations and informative posters that you will find are kept in mind, all based on respect.

School visits?

One of our objectives is to bring nature closer through environmental awareness and respect for animals through school visits in our "Burroplanet" project. More details in the section Social Action / Burroplanet

Do you want to be a volunteer?

Access the volunteer section and sign up for the volunteer bag.

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