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Marineland Cataluña

Water park
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Food & beverage: Marineland has a wide gastronomic offer in its restaurants: Mare Nostrum, Self service with a large outdoor terrace and the Pizzeria. At the various points of sale you can refresh yourself with an ice cream, a slushie or a soft drink. Daily menu from € 14.50

Store: Our store has a wide range of gift items and personalized products that will make your visit to our park unforgettable. Our stuffed animals of the park of all sizes stand out above all.

Other services:

  • Parking: Parking service in the same facilities (limited places).
  • Lockers: You can leave all your personal belongings in our lockers located at the entrance of the water park
  • Hammocks: Hammock rental service to enjoy both the sun and a good rest in the shade.
  • Fast Pass: service for all those who do not want to wait in line to get on a slide.
  • Souvenir photos: The most authentic memory of the visit to Marineland, take a photo with our dolphins or sea lions.


Magic Falls: This summer enjoy Magic Falls, a descent down four great curvy slides, channels and waterfalls that you will not forget!

BOOMERANG: The most daring will be able to enjoy in an immense half pipe of 15 meters of height raised in a float. A vertigo fall that can be done alone or accompanied, to share the experience of adrenaline!

SPEED BOATS: The super attraction where you will enjoy the sensation of speed and adrenaline with a float. This incredible attraction has two 16 meter high parallel slides, totally recommended for speed lovers. The favorite attraction of the most daring.

BLACK HOLE: A dark tube-shaped slide 12 meters long where the speed will turn the most adventurous until they reach the water. Marineland Catalunya also facilitates the floats for a dizzying descent.

CHILDREN PARADISE: Three areas for the little ones to make their dreams come true. A space specially designed for the little ones. Slides, suspension bridges and attractions to experience. Attractions designed with total safety in addition to more than a large lifeguard team that monitor all the movements of the little ones.

TWISTER: Spiral slide to start in new aquatic sensations. Its curves designed to slide naturally ensuring a trip full of surprises.

SUPER SLALOM: Enjoy a fast race with turns and slopes that will take your breath away that will make you repeat and repeat and repeat.

ANACONDA: Enter a huge snake 20 meters long and exit through its mouth avoiding its dreaded bite. Three spirals of speed, adrenaline, fun and lots of water !! An enjoyment for young and old.

CRAZY RACE: For lovers of speed, competition and for those who want to know if they are faster than their opponents ... this is the attraction !! 3 soft tracks of 40 meters with an exciting route full of fun and adrenaline. There is no thrill like reaching the finish line first!

TORNADO: A hydrotube of more than 60 meters in length that ends in a spectacular funnel of 12 meters in diameter where the centrifugal speed will make the most adventurous turn until they reach the final hydrofraking. An unrepeatable experience ... feeling absorbed by the force of Tornado!

Chill out: Shallow areas for the little ones and deeper areas for the best swimmers. Swim, cool off, play with the water and then… relax, rest and sunbathe in the quiet grassy areas that surround the pool to feel in the middle of nature.


If you want to live an unforgettable experience, come and meet our family of dolphins and enjoy the exhibitions that we carry out every day, in which you will learn many things and without a doubt you will be infected by the affection and respect that their caregivers show at all times towards these enigmatic animals!!!

Do you think dolphins can jump up to 6 meters high? You are right! Do not miss the opportunity to see how our dolphins weighing more than 200kg reach this height so easily !!!

Did you know that pregnancy can last up to a year? And that thanks to the rich breast milk, babies gain weight quickly? Do you want to prove it? Well, come and meet Mar, our little baby born in June 2015 !!! For us it is a pride to be able to present this wonder to all our clients and to be able to say that we are pioneers at the European level in the reproduction of the bottlenose dolphin, with more than 12 births !!!


Without any doubt, if you are a lover of these wonderful animals, you cannot miss the opportunity to meet our Dolphins in such a special way that we assure you that you will not be able to forget.

Customers who visit the park make us proud when they say that the first thing they feel when they see us is the respect and esteem we have for all our animals, it is for all this that we think that the best way to be able to show it and thank it is to make sure that you can have the great luck of feeling the same as the keepers feel sorry to be with the dolphins.

We offer you different activities with the dolphins that will make you leave our park with the biggest smiles and with a tremendous desire to visit us again as soon as possible !!!

These activities are entirely based on the education and conservation of the bottlenose dolphin, since our foundation is that knowledge is basic and fundamental for the subsequent respect of both the animals and the environment in which they live. You will learn a lot about their biology, anatomy and daily curiosities ... Did you know that dolphins have a mustache when they are born? And have you ever wondered how they sleep? Well, do not hesitate and come to enjoy a unique experience with all of us !!!


How many times have you wondered if these curious animals only eat fish, if they have hair, if they sleep in the water or outside, if they chew fish or maybe you have even wondered if their fins have bone inside? Did you know that they are the only mammals that the milk with which they suckle their young does not contain lactose? Well, we anticipate that our animals not only eat fish, we also supplement their studied diets with top quality squid, yes, you read that correctly, squid! We are going to tell you a secret, squid is for our animals like sweets for us… they love them! And it does not end there, in addition to five different species of fish and squid, our animals also eat a gelatin made especially for these marine mammals, which does not contain sugar or taste, made from collagen to ensure their health and wellness.

Don't think twice and come and meet Tao, our male weighing more than 300kg with only 11 years of age and we assure you that you will be left with your mouth open when you see him!

But Tao is not alone, he has some very special companions, some beautiful females who will be delighted to meet you.

So, when you come to see the sea lion exhibitions that we are fortunate to do every day with our animals, you can ask us anything you want and see it with your own eyes!


In the installation located just in front of the underwater view, where you can see the dolphins and sea lions as if you were in the water, you will find a pair of common seal or vituline seal that will surprise you with their colored spotted fur? gray and tan. Did you know that the females of this species live longer than the males? They can reach 35 years, while they usually reach 25.

Seal hunting was a very common practice in the past, now it is generally illegal. Our challenge is that during your visit, do not miss the moment to meet these amazing marine mammals to help all animals in general that are in danger due to human beings and to guarantee a future for all species on the planet.


Did you know that parrots have an intelligence comparable to that of a 4-year-old child?

They are sociable, curious and very affectionate.

Come see our exhibition and enjoy the wonderful free flight of the macaws with their long tails and their incredible colors. You will see the strength of their powerful beak and at the same time you will feel the delicacy with which they are able to use it.

Surprise yourself with the funny song of our Kookaburra, one of the largest species within the Kingfisher family, and enjoy the acrobatics that our trumpeter Calao is capable of doing. Be dazzled by the white plumage of our cockatoos and their fantastic crest and the lightness of our sun parrots. You will meet Blue, our Toucan and Kini, our runner Seriema.

If you like birds, do not miss the opportunity to meet our friendly and talkative family of birds, live the experience in our "Jungle Adventure"

And don't forget to meet Junior, our little Eclectus born on August 1, 2015.


Every day we see birds, some tiny and cute, others huge and surprising. But… what do we know about birds?

Its flight is a challenge to the laws of gravity, its plumage a fan of colors, its songs are delicious symphonies, its origin constitutes a mystery and its life… come to Marineland and find out for yourself.

Take an exciting tour of our aviary, you will find different birds of the world !!

We invite you to be a privileged spectator of the behavior of birds and the relationship between them. You yourself will be able to find out what birds eat by looking only at their beaks and where they live by looking at the shape of their legs.

Discover the impressive beak of a trumpeter Calao, the friendly and colorful plumage of the Turacos, enjoy the noisy Indian geese and the great variety of pheasants that you can find. Without forgetting the sacred Ibis, which according to Egyptian legend transported the souls of the pharaohs to paradise.

Don't be surprised if you make a friend during your tour.

We are all explorers by nature, come to Marineland and find out for yourself!

Do not let them to tell you!


A celebration in style, with the company of our monitors, in which you can enjoy the exhibitions of Exotic Birds, Sea Lions and Dolphins! Of course, you will be the protagonists and therefore… You will have a very special gift! And after so many emotions… Have a snack, blow out candles and… enjoy with all your friends!

Happy Birthday!


Marineland has various areas and activities for exclusive and personalized events. We offer rental of spaces for meetings, product presentations, training courses and outdoor activities. We can combine your event with the park activities of your choice, dolphin exhibits, sea lions, water park birds, and you can also meet our trainers and caregivers with Marineland Experience activities.We have a catering service to make your event more complete

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