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Ludiland Vigo

Toy library
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Ludiland Vigo, we are a child development and leisure center located in Vigo.

We have been caring for, developing, having fun and stimulating boys and girls since 2015.

At Ludiland we work on leisure and child development from a playful educational proposal based on Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences and on the basic principle of emotional intelligence, we have a multidisciplinary team, which cares for and trains your children in a very professional and efficient way.

We are characterized by passion, desire and good work. Our main priority is that children have fun and learn with us while adults are completely unconcerned and can be sure that their children are in the hands of authentic and authentic professionals, who will take care of them with the utmost delicacy and dedication of the world.

We also work with different entities, schools and private companies; Thus making different types of children's leisure proposals in collaboration with them and carrying out activities of great value and quality, such as children's camps, extracurricular activities, children's parties and much more.

Available services

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