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Aqualandia Benidorm

Water park
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Inaugurated in 1985, Aqualandia Benidorm is one of the oldest water parks in Spain and the European continent. Until the Siam Park in Tenerife was built in 2008, this leisure center also held the titles of the first water park built in Spain and the largest in Europe.

It consists of 150,000 square meters in which we can find up to 20 different attractions. Splash, the Soft Slopes and the Black Hole are just some of them, in addition to the exciting Big Bang, one of the highest jumps on the continent.

In addition to these exciting attractions, the park has a children's area, more relaxed rest areas and all services such as free parking and locker rental to make your stay an unrepeatable and unforgettable experience.

It collaborates with the International Association of Amusement Parks and the World Association of Water Parks and, for several years now, has been a member of the Aqualandia Group together with Terra Mítica, Mundomar, Iberia Village, Palm Beach Hotel and the Don Jorge luxury apartments. Due to this type of association, the offer of tickets combined with access to different venues and group passes is abundant and with affordable prices.

The Aqualandia Benidorm leisure park was awarded the Costa Blanca Tourist Award in 1993, when it had not yet reached its tenth anniversary, and has twice received the Award for Tourism Merit, as well as the Thomson Gold Award for Excellence. These titles, added to the varied offer of activities and customer service, are the guarantee that makes Aqualandia Benidorm an exceptional park.


Aqualandia Benidorm has different types of attractions adapted to the different ages and tastes of the users. Divided into Children, Moderate and Radical, there are already a fortnight that make up this water park. Some of the most successful among visitors are the Gran Jacuzzi Iguazú, the Rapids, Splash, Zig-Zag, or the endless slides of the Big-Bang and the Verti-Go.

To complete the varied offer of this organization, you can enjoy three different routes depending on the companions you take on each occasion. The Family Route is aimed at the smallest of the house; the Friends Route combines dizzying attractions with the quietest to make the day complete; and the Extreme Route, only suitable for the most daring, focuses on strong emotions, the fastest and steepest attractions.

  • Big-Bang: four slides with different slopes make the Big-Bang a unique attraction in Europe. This free fall will not leave you indifferent, do you jump in?
  • Verti-Go: with a height of 28 and 33 meters, Verti-Go slides are unique in the world. The peculiarity of this attraction is the capsule from which you will fall into the void without warning when the hatch opens under your feet. The minimum speed you can reach is 100km / h!
  • Zig-Zag: five slides crossed with each other at different levels make up the Zig-Zag. Each tour is different, do you dare to try them all?


The Aqualandia Wave Pool becomes the international meeting point for various very special events throughout the summer season. Those that have already become habitual in the Benidorm water park are the European Cycling Meeting and the exhibitions and dance classes.

  • The Schwinn cycling master class brings together elite athletes from all over Europe to practice this particular modality in the open air under the leadership of the coordinator Francisco Prieto.
  • International dancers Maykel Font, Alexander Carbo and Yunaisy Farray are among the participants in the salsa exhibitions held in the park. Also held at the Wave Pool, is the special summer Batukada at Aqualandia.
  • After getting the Guinness World Record with its water pistol battle more than five years ago -with a considerable difference- Aqualandia Benidorm has become a summer destination that you cannot miss.


The Aqualandia Benidorm park has numerous services available to users to make your visit to the facilities more comfortable and enjoyable.

  • You can enjoy the restaurant area with barbecue, pizzeria, kiosks, ice cream parlors and different bars and cafes.
  • There is also a picnic area and self-service restaurants.
  • You can rent lockers so you don't have to worry about your belongings while you're testing the attractions. In addition, there are ATMs and a gift shop within the enclosure.


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