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BIOPARC Acuario de Gijón

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The Gijón Aquarium offers you a tour of 60 fresh and salt water aquariums that will allow you to know in detail the flora and fauna of the world's seas.

12 ecosystems and more than 2 million liters of water to recreate life in rivers, the Cantabrian coast, the Caribbean Sea, the Pacific and Indian oceans, the Red Sea, the African Indian Ocean, the South Atlantic Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean Subtropical.

You will discover animals such as salmon, eels, sturgeons, moray eels, rays, bull, musola and gray sharks, which coexist in the Gijón Aquarium with loggerhead turtles. But, these are only some of the 4000 animals of the 400 species that you will be able to see during the visit.

In 2006 the doors of the Gijón Aquarium were opened for the first time. It is a center that has more than 500 species from different seas and oceans. 2000 square meters of surface, 60 fresh and salt water aquariums and a reptile and mammal recovery area just a few meters from the Gijón coast.


In the Gijón Aquarium you will not only find ecosystems belonging to the Cantabrian Sea, but also aquatic scenarios full of mystery and belonging to remote places:

  • Cantabrian River: in this area you will find sturgeons, eels, salmon, trout and otters. These rivers are characterized by their short length and steep slopes.
  • The Cantabrian Coast: the boundary between land and sea means that these areas can only inhabit species that are very accustomed to changes in temperature and the movement of waves. among them we find the orices, turbot, starfish, sea cucumbers and anemones.
  • Cantabrian Sea: seahorses, scorpions, lobsters, poplars, signatids and lobsters are the species that you can find in this area dedicated to the Cantabrian Sea.
  • Atlantic: monkfish, sardines, ochavos, trumpeters, spider crabs, octopuses, gorgonians and jellyfish come to the aquarium from the cold waters of the Atlantic.
  • Cold seas: here you can meet the friendly Magellan penguins.
  • Coral reefs, Indo-Pacific: The coral reefs of the Indo-Pacific are home to clownfish, surgeonfish, common and urchin pufferfish, and cowfish.
  • Coral reefs, Red Sea: Sohal surgeonfish, masked butterflyfish, yellow surgeonfish, corals and razorfish are the species that you will find in this area dedicated to this Indian Sea.
  • Oceanarium: this area is dedicated to the most representative species of the oceans, such as sharks, guitar fish, green turtles, wedding turtles, stingrays, rays, chernas and groupers.
  • East Atlantic: the scorpion fish and the leopard moray are the inhabitants of this area dedicated to the African indica.
  • Return to the Asturian port: after this long journey through the most important waters of our planet, we return to the Asturian port where the dentex, the white dove and the fredis await us.

Gijón Aquarium Services

  • The Gijón Aquarium has a restaurant that includes daily menus, weekend menus, children's menu and Asturian menu. It can also be reserved for business lunches, gala cocktails, Spanish wines and other events. Remember that eating inside the aquarium is prohibited.
  • The aquarium has a shop that offers a large number of souvenirs or gifts for all tastes and ages. Stuffed animals of marine species, t-shirts, postcards, bookmarks, magnets, key chains, and much more. You can also find a wide variety of very instructive and fun books for the little ones.
  • If you want or have to leave the aquarium at some point, you can go back in whenever you want. You just have to leave your ticket at the box office and come back for it when you want to return.

Available services

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  • Acuario de Gijón en HD, alta definición. vídeo promocional TPA HD en la tdt de asturias

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