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Steinwasen Park

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Adventure park

There is so much to experience on the snow castle playground just past Gengenbacher-Platz! The slides, climbing frames and various swings or the race track with mini sparklers make children's hearts beat faster.

Alpine roller coaster

The Coasterbahn leads spectacularly and steeply through the trees into the valley. The slides are transported fully automatically from the valley to the hill station.

Once at the top, the rapid descent begins at exactly one kilometer. As you enjoy the draft and the pine trees rush past you, you drive through wonderful roundabouts and curves. The specialty: you can determine your own speed.

Luxis kinderland

Indoor fun in more than a thousand square meters for children from 0 to 14 years old.

There is much to discover at Luxis Kinderland: a great climbing park, slides, bumper cars, fun shooters, a SpiderTower and much more. An area suitable for young children and a relaxation room for parents complete the climate-independent offer.


The fast whitewater rafting. In large round boats, you will first be lifted 20 meters on the lift and then the daring journey through the whitewater canal begins. A "refreshing" experience guaranteed for the whole family.

Adventure rope bridge

Experience Steinwasen Park from a different perspective. On one of the largest adventure rope bridges, you can "swing" over the valley floor for a length of 218 meters at a height of 30 meters.

Don't worry: the load capacity is designed for more than 1000 people at the same time and the foundation alone consists of more than 650 m³ of concrete for which more than 100 tension anchors were driven 7 meters deep into the rock.

Enjoy the unique view of the wild animal areas and the view of the Schauinsland Mountains.

Glacial lightning

NEW! Experience Virtual Reality: The New Virtual Reality Ride on Lightning Glacier

"Get on it please!": The fast roller coaster "Gletscherblitz" travels at 45 km / h through the ice world and passes the legendary figure of the Yeti.

From now on you can also experience glacier lightning with virtual reality glasses! Beginning at 6 years.


With almost 40 km / h you cross the channel with the fast runners. The great thing about this is that everyone can set the rhythm of the bobs for themselves, it's so easy.

Mountain toboggan run

Speed ​​into the valley with the first ride at Steinwasen Park! First you go very comfortably with the chairlift to the mountain station. Once at the top, the rapid descent begins. Take a sled and enjoy the "fun of the sled." There are two toboggan runs, each 800 meters long, to choose from. A toboggan run is covered and can usually be used in bad weather (it can close in heavy rain or wind, as well as dense fog).

Bunny hop

The carousel drives around the Karottenberg, the bunnies' favorite dish, while the rabbits sway. Driving fun for parents and children.

Mini raft trip

Lively fun for the little ones! On wooden rafts, children can cross a slow Black Forest stream with small wooden paddles.

XD Cinema

The "Interactive Theater XD Motion Ride". Start with two exciting games with 3D glasses and a laser pointer. The following applies: whoever collects the most points wins! The audience can watch live from the outside on the screens and see who accumulates the most points and wins the game. Fun for all the family!

Ice World

Descend into the frozen world of ice and immerse yourself in the life of the Eskimos. From here you also have an interesting view of the "Gletscherblitz" and the "Spacerunner". Both attractions traverse this area at an impressive speed. And above all, the watchful gaze of the huge and legendary yeti rises.

Fairy tale cinema

For the little ones, several stories about Winnie the Pooh bear are shown in the fairy tale children's cinema. A lot of fun not only for the little ones.


The chairlift takes you uphill to the starting point of the summer toboggan run.

The chairlift is 360 meters long and covers a 111 meter drop in five minutes. Sit back, we will take you safely and comfortably in the open double armchairs to the hill station. The special thing: from here you can watch the game in its enclosure and enjoy the wonderful landscape of the Black Forest.

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