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Parque Warner Madrid

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Inaugurated in April 2002, the Warner Park in Madrid is the only theme park in Spain inspired by the world of animation created by the Warner Bros. company. Bugs Bunny, Tweety, the Road Runner, Superman, Batman, and many other characters will accompany you during this unique journey full of excitement and adventure. The Warner Park in Madrid also popularly known as "la Warner" has a very high free fall, water attractions, dizzying roller coasters and the best activities for the little ones, who will have a great time in the sections of the park designed especially for them .

The Warner Park is located in the vicinity of the Madrid municipality of San Martín de la Vega. Since 2002, this town in the south of the Community of Madrid has become a tourist enclave thanks to the creation of this theme park, and many people are looking for their visit not only for the best price on tickets, but also for offers with hotels that are in San Martín de la Vega. Take advantage of your opportunity and discover the special offers when you book your ticket + hotel at Parque Warner in Madrid.


Fun for the whole family in the different thematic areas into which the Parque Warner de Madrid is divided. A movie park that has 42 rides for all tastes. Cartoon Village for the little ones with characters from Warner Bross, Old West Territory, in the purest cowboy style, Hollywood Boulevard that will transport you to the America of the last century, Super Herores Wold full of exclusive attractions that will take your breath away and finally, Movie World Studio where you can marvel walking through the most mythical streets of New York.

Stunt fall

The roller coaster of the specialists. With its 65 meters high, a top speed of 115 km / h and a boomerang effect that will make you lose the feeling of gravity, this roller coaster is the only one of its kind in all of Europe. Stunt Fall is the star of the Warner Park in Madrid and one of the most coveted attractions by lovers of strong emotions in the world, would you dare to try its 54 meters of free fall?

Superman, The attraction of steel

Located in DC Super Heroes World, it is the most famous attraction in all of Warner Park. During more than two minutes of travel, this roller coaster will make you reach 100 km / h through a large number of loops and several free falls. Feel as if you were Superman and let yourself be sucked into The Attraction of Steel.

Batman, The Escape

One of the most intense attractions of the Warner Park in Madrid. With its loops, drops and curves that will leave you glued to the seat, this roller coaster is only suitable for true superheroes. For 40 seconds, Batman: The Breakout will reach 83 km / h. Do you dare to defy the law of gravity?

Enigma's Revenge

At 115 meters, La Venganza de Enigma, is the highest attraction in all of Europe, so much so that at its peak you can marvel at the spectacular views of the entire city of Madrid. An extremely intense attraction that will challenge your vertigo, would you be able to open your eyes for the duration of the climb? Enigma's Revenge has already become the park's most recognizable symbol.


A classic in the Warner Park in Madrid, which, with its 1,250 meters of travel, is the longest and highest wooden roller coaster in Europe. In the heart of the Old West Territory, this Warner icon will take your breath away. Impossible turns, surprising drops and harsh braking make Coaster-Express one of the most acclaimed attractions by visitors. Don't hesitate and ride one of the fastest wooden roller coasters in the world.

Warner beach

Delve into the most refreshing adventure in Madrid at Warner Beach. A new water park, next to the venue, which is inspired by the Warner Bros film universe and in which you can enjoy the best Caribbean beaches without leaving Madrid. With a backdrop as spectacular as the Stun Fun or The Steel attraction, the whole family can enjoy a magnificent day at the beach relaxing, sitting in their hammocks or living the most refreshing adventure of their lives in the large number of Warner Beach waterslides. Dare to dive into the depths of the Rio Loco or discover the refreshing and huge barrel of water. **

** From June 18 to September 4


The Warner Park in Madrid not only stands out for its attractions, but for the magnificent shows that it has been offering to visitors for years and taking care of every last detail, one of the attractions that qualify it as one of the best theme parks in Spain. This year the latest novelty is presented: Aquaman, Night Time Spectacular, an aquatic show that offers us something never seen before. Aquatic drones, pirouettes in the water, flyboards, pyrotechnics, lasers, audiovisual sequences ... and an epic battle that will take place in Amnisty Bay, the home of Aquaman in various universes.

It is the first show in the world to star Aquaman. It will take place every night in July and August and on Saturdays in June and September.

Other mythical shows that you should not miss are these shows that the Warner Park in Madrid has prepared for you. Live a unique experience where action and comedy take over the Crazy Police Academy. Meet your favorite characters in Hollywood Parade or Looney Tunes Action! Although, if you are a true movie buff, discover everything that the 3D Chinese Theater can offer you.


Restaurants: Throughout the 5 thematic areas of the Warner you can enjoy a score of fully themed restaurants. With a very elaborate design, these places have become one more attraction and are truly worth visiting. From the Beverly Hills Bakery to the Cantina de los Bandidos, you can choose a large number of menus for all tastes to recharge your batteries after a morning full of adventures.

  • Many restaurants in Parque Warner have gluten-free dishes on their menu and all have the FACE guarantee seal. For more information contact the manager of the restaurant.
  • ATMs: there are two inside the park, located in the Hollywood Boulevard area and in the Old West Territory.
  • Parking: Parque Warner has a parking lot with capacity for more than 7,000 cars. The price per day is € 8 passenger cars, € 5 motorcycles and € 9 motorhomes. The car park usually opens around 10:30, the park at 11:00 and the attractions at 11:30.
  • Waits: There are information screens that indicate the waiting time for each attraction.
  • Telephone: 912 00 07 92
  • Hotels: There are no hotels within the Warner Park in Madrid, but they are very close. Find your hotel in Pinto or San Martín de la Vega so that transfers to the park are shorter and you can enjoy your visit to the fullest.

Warner beach

Summer in Madrid is very hot ... take advantage of your visit to Parque Warner and cool off in the most fun way! You can access with a combined ticket with the theme park to enjoy the same day or you can go independently only to the water park. It is the only Spanish water park due to its thematic characteristics: only here can you enjoy the Looney Tunes, Scooby Doo or The Flintstones. And now there's a new DC comics inspired zone too!

In the new area there will be attractions of Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman ... and also Harley Queen and the Joker!

Beaches, swimming pools, free hammocks, restaurants and food trucks are waiting for you!

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  • Alex Pereiro
    · 2 years ago Full star Full star Full star Full star Empty star 4
    Tras una visita de dos días, hemos quedado cansados y encantados. Los niños se lo han pasado en grande. Han podido subir en muchas atracciones, pese a tener 5 años y 10 meses respectivamente. Los personajes se pueden ver en múltiples sitios y varias veces al día, lo que está genial para los niños, así como los espectáculos para su audiencia. La única pega es el mantenimiento de las atracciones, mucha suciedad en elementos decorativos y desgaste por el paso del tiempo sin mantener.

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