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PortAventura Park

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Located between the municipalities of Vilaseca and Salou, in the province of Tarragona, is one of the largest and best valued amusement parks in our country, the mythical Port Aventura. Inaugurated in 1995, it presents six thematic areas (China, Polynesia, the Far West or Mexico and Sésamo Aventura) in which it offers the visitor the most cutting-edge emotions in the world of attractions. Throughout its 20-year history it has undergone several renovations to expand its enclosure. Today it is a large complex that in addition to the main park includes a water park (Costa Caribe Aquatic Park), a golf course (Mediterránea Beach & Golf) and four themed hotels. Next 2017, the family has grown even bigger with its latest grand opening: Ferrari Land. It is still a great mystery, but they have already announced three incredible attractions: the Rebound Towers, the Vertical Accelerator and an authentic Ferrari Ferrari circuit.


  • Shambhala, expedition to the Himalayas: It is the name of one of the strongest attractions in the park. On the day of its inauguration it broke three records, which it still maintains: it is the highest hypercoaster in Europe, with the highest drop (78 meters) and the one that reaches the highest speed, reaching 134 km / h. It is one of the main attractions of PortAventura, and its name is inspired by a mystical kingdom beyond the Himalayan mountains. It ranges from 3.8 to -0.5 G forces.
  • Stampida: A classic of the park. This attraction is shaped like a traditional roller coaster without loops or big falls. Built on a massive wooden base, it simulates a Far West wagon race. The wagons follow different paths, separate and even cross paths.
  • Tutuki splash: Heat in Portaventura? No problem. This attraction is the solution, without a doubt the best way to cool off. Take a boat ride through the Polynesian forests and prepare your swimsuit, because the soak is guaranteed in its two great falls.
  • Dragon Khan: It is the jewel in the crown. Opened with the park in 1995, it automatically became a symbol of the European rollercoaster. It broke the investment record and held the highest vertical loop, with 36 meters. Today, although it has already been surpassed by others, it continues to be a benchmark and a symbol of the complex. The Dragon Khan of PortAventura begins with an incredible descent that is followed by no less than eight consecutive loops.
  • Hurakan Condor: Inaugurated in 2005, it is a shuttle more than 100 meters high inspired by the sacrifices to the god Hurakan. It is made up of five gondolas with seats around a large tube, with a peculiarity: some of them will tilt when they reach the top. Will it be yours? Will you dare to climb?


Not everything is going to be incredible attractions at Portaventura World: if you have enough time, stop by one of its themed shows inspired by all over the world. In China you can enjoy the musical Around the World, for example. Polynesia is a world of endless fun: be amazed by the skills of its parrots and macaws, meet the Bora Bora Dances, or live the 3D experience with your Ice Age friends! We do not forget the little ones, who will be able to see the characters of Sésamo Aventura in the children's area of ​​the park. Don't miss it in our shows section.


It is the area of ​​the park designed especially for the little ones, and the happiest in all of Port Aventura! There you can find your favorite Sesame Street characters, a spectacular decoration and a lot of attractions designed for children.

In addition, this year a new attraction opens: Street Mission, the first Sesame Street dark ride in all of Europe. A new adventure for children from 0.90 m in which the whole family will have to help Detective Coco solve his cases.

Eating in Portaventura

Can you eat inside the park? It is possible, easy, and actually a lot of fun! Each of the worlds offers you themed restaurants with typical foods from each region: La Cantina de México with mariachi artists, exotic flavors at the Polynesia bar in Bora Bora, or The Old Steak House in the Penitence town, to the delight of the most carnivores. . There are also restaurants on the go, kiosks and terraces to recharge your batteries while enjoying the sun without wasting a lot of time. Try the delicious focaccias at PortAventura Caribe Aquatic Park at the Focaccería or enjoy at the Dagana, under the Shambala itself! If you have a food intolerance, don't worry: they have a complete guide on the possible allergens present in each meal.

PortAventura Services

  • Pets in Port Aventura: For health reasons, animals are not allowed in the park hotels except guide dogs, but you can leave them in the nursery if necessary. From only € 5 a day.
  • Portaventura Park guided tour: with this exclusive service you will not only experience the park, you will feel it completely! The guide will explain all the history of the resort, its hotels, attractions and the water park. But it has many more advantages: access to attractions without waiting, free parking, restaurant reservation management ... Available in Spanish, Catalan, English, French, Russian, German and Arabic.
  • Portaventura Parking: the rates are € 10 for the car, caravan and trucks, € 12.5 for the preferential area and € 3.5 for motorcycles. In addition, it has an electric car recharging service.
  • Luggage storage: Both in the amusement park and the water park you can rent a luggage storage for € 5, also for € 8 if it is family-sized. In addition, next to the strongest attractions you will find special lockers where you can leave your belongings safely from only € 1. And to enjoy the adrenaline!
  • Trolleys and wheelchairs: You can rent individual child carriages from € 7, double from € 12, and both manual (€ 9) and motorized (€ 39) wheelchairs.
  • Photoride and videride: Never forget your experience! Now you can take photos on paper, on magnets or keychains, or even get a video on DVD about your fantastic trip to the best attractions of the aprque.
  • Portaventura Access: People with disabilities can directly access all attractions accompanied by another person. Access for minors to PortAventura Park and PortAventura Caribe Aquatic Park without a responsible adult is from 12 years of age.
  • Leaving the park: Once inside the park it is allowed to leave and re-enter, as long as you keep the ticket and ask for a stamp at the exit that you will have to show on your return.

Available services

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