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San Lorenzo

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Sanlorenzo is a covered market 2.0 essential point of reference not only for lovers of good food but in general for all people who love to be together, thanks to the fragrant garden and a gastronomic offer that is unique in the city.

We are a real market, without surprises, where you can buy fresh, safe, high-quality products at reasonable prices; but also prepared meals, breakfasts, snacks.

An idea that is good for shopping and good for the palate.

Sanlorenzo is a covered market that brings together the best food and wine realities from all over Sicily: 2,800 genuine products from 250 direct suppliers , selected with the philosophy of the short supply chain.

In the 1940s, the structure that houses Sanlorenzo Mercato was a citrus factory . Here oranges were processed to produce essential oils and extracts for the food and cosmetic industries. Today that same atmosphere lives among the fruit stalls and the fragrant garden.

Sanlorenzo products are close, fresh and available according to the cycle of the seasons . The entire supply chain is guaranteed, from the place of production to the store counter. Among the market stalls you can find the most famous dishes and products of the Sicilian tradition and you can have fun tasting them in company, discovering a new flavor each time.

Sanlorenzo is not just a market where you can buy or eat. It is a cultural center where you can have fun, including show cooking with chefs and sommeliers, concerts, cinema, shows, cooking classes, educational meetings, workshops and tasting itineraries between shops. In Sanlorenzo you can learn to buy with a guided tour or taste the best food with a tasting itinerary

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