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Bambera is a music school specially oriented for children from the first stage: babies, up to 6/7 years. We work with a musical method that includes an age range that, at the time of opening our doors, was not present anywhere in early childhood education in Vigo.

Our main ideas are that children can attend content-laden activities right from the start, and that learning takes place in child-friendly environments, in a playful way. Our age range begins from minute 1 of the children's lives.

This project is formed by María and Abel. We are both professional musicians who have studied piano. In addition, María is a Child Educator and Abel is a specialist in Social Media and Community Manager.

We are both trained in the Mago Diapasón musical method and we combine our activity in Bambera with other activities. María teaches the Mago Diapasón method in several nursery schools in Vigo and Pontevedra.

In our music school we also teach musical instruments with the Suzuki Method: Piano and Violin. We are one of the few schools in Galicia and, we believe that the only one in the province of Pontevedra, that we use this methodology. There is a substantial difference between this method and the traditional one and it is that the aim is not for the children to be great instrumentalists but rather good people and therefore, all children will be able to play an instrument, each one according to their possibilities.

We also organize Master Classes of music with renowned instrumentalists. These master classes are aimed at students of conservatories and musicians, in general, who want to expand their knowledge, improve their performance and add value to their curriculum.

Apart from music activities for children and babies, at Bambera we like everything related to childhood and education. For this reason, we sometimes organize courses and workshops for children, parents and / or professionals, with themes that conform to our philosophy. Here you will occasionally find workshops and courses related to: Montessori Pedagogy, First Aid, and education and pedagogy in general. It is what we call «active learning».

As we also know a lot about the subject and we love it, in Bambera you can find courses to learn how to create and manage a web page and all that it entails (domain and hosting), Web Positioning (SEO) courses and workshops, from free Google applications (my business and Maps), and functions of the social media and community manager.

In addition, we have a series of specialist collaborators in their respective subjects. Young, dynamic people with extensive experience.

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