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Museo de las Ilusiones Sevilla

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The Museum of Illusions in Seville gives space to the imagination in a very special way: It is a visual, sensory and educational experience that will allow you to discover the world of illusions , in which nothing is what it seems and you will experience the impossible . It is about challenging the brain with images and perceptions that question reality and help it interpret it differently.

More than 60 visual and educational exhibits with holograms, optical illusions and immersive rooms make up this unique museum in Seville that aims to stimulate the senses through edutainment. You can look into the Museum of Illusions , browse exhibits such as "The Inverted Room" and "The Giant Chair" , get caught up in rooms such as "The Vertex Tunnel" or "The Tilted Room" ; or even dare to go with your company or on your birthday to the events organized by the museum.

The exhibitions

The Museum of Illusions in Seville has an immense collection of rooms that together will immerse you in a unique experience of illusions and fascinating images. From the rooms of illusions, to installations with optical effects where you can store thousands of sanes, or surprising images in the form of holograms. Here we show you the most acclaimed, but you can discover the endless options yourself.

Rooms of illusions

  • Tilted Room: This is a perspective game in which nothing is what it seems.
  • Vortex Tunnel: Your head will spin here, you can now hold on well if you don't want to get dizzy!
  • Upside down room: Be careful, don't fall! Are you about to tip over, or is it a matter of perspective?


  • Clone table: When cloning seemed impossible, the Museum of Illusions in Seville puts an end to all myths with its clone table.
  • Beuchet Chair: If you want to see what your children would be like if they were taller than you, you should try this magical chair for vision.
  • Head on a tray : One of the most curious optical effects where you can immortalize the moment... Without a head!


  • Holograms: 3D images that appear and disappear changing shape, Discover hologram technology!
  • Optical illusions: Images that will play with your senses and your perception of reality to test your brain.
  • Interactive images.

You can enjoy these and many more experiences, rooms, images and immersive activities at the Museum of Illusions in Seville


  • Corporate events
  • Birthday
  • Team building: Shared experience in brain challenge games, Who will win the tests?

*The Museum experience normally lasts between 45 and 75 minutes.

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Museum in Sevilla

Museum in Sevilla

Museum in Spain