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Benvenuto Family Restaurant - Monza

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Restaurant for children and the whole family in Turin and Milan. In the Benvenuto Family Restaurants you can eat while the children have fun in the Benniland play area with the animation of our qualified entertainers.

Space for children in Turin and Milan, with dedicated entertainment and games.

They are areas specifically designed to entertain children, followed by our entertainers and a program of activities and workshops. In the existing facilities in Turin and its province and in Milan the spaces are divided by age groups, with a soft era for children from 0-3 years (age group that also requires the presence of a parent) accessible with a dedicated entrance and then a multipurpose area for other age groups with a tailored play area and free play and technological areas for the elderly. To enter children's rooms, non-slip socks are required, in order to ensure greater safety for children. Access is free, we only require authorization via APP at the time of entry.

The Benvenuto family restaurant is undoubtedly a good answer to the question “where to eat in Turin and Milan with children?” ". In addition to all the "baby friendly" aspects that we have described (room dedicated to children, menu dedicated to children, priority to serve, changing tables, microwave ovens to heat food, bathrooms dedicated to children, parties and workshops dedicated to children), There are many aspects that make Benvenuto the right restaurant where parents can spend moments of serenity. The elderly can undoubtedly appreciate a lot, more than the children of course, the attention and care that our company has adopted in the choice of suppliers, raw materials and dishes offered. In fact, we prefer seasonal raw materials and, as far as possible, km0, from nearby farms, to limit contamination derived from transportation and to be able to have greater freshness of the ingredients used in our kitchens.


Located on Via Solferino, in a residential area not far from the center, the Benvenuto family restaurant is the ideal place to savor Italian cuisine in a cozy and family atmosphere.

The restaurant is characterized by its bright internal rooms, but it also has a large terrace cared for down to the smallest detail, where you can enjoy the proposals on the menu while breathing in all the summer atmosphere.

Inside the facility there is also an equipped play area, designed to provide pleasant moments of fun for the little ones.

Thanks to a rich menu that ranges from traditional first courses to meats, pizzas and innovative reinterpretations, at Benvenuto Family Restaurant every moment is designed to make you feel at home.

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