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Cake shop / Bakery
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We select the best traditional breads of our land, and we also propose special gourmet breads that are made with slow fermentation processes in order to develop authentic artisan flavors without using any chemical additives.

Multi-grain bread, flax, spelled, sesame, fruits, nuts and raisins, black olives, green olives, tomato and basil, corn ...

In our bakery you will also find delicious cakes, cookies, brownies, cakes and granola made daily, as well as endless Pandelino products.

Restaurant Cafe

We have a letter for every moment of the day. Whether you want an original and healthy breakfast, a balanced and fun meal or a dinner with the tastiest toasts you can imagine, at Pandelino we make every moment of the day special. Fresh and healthy products, made every day for you with love and dedication.

Gourmet Shop

We bring the best from every part of the world to our Gourmet store so that you can enjoy it in the best company. Artisan, ecological and natural products for the most exquisite palates and for those looking for healthy and different foods.

Delights to give you a tribute or to share moments of celebration. Oils, mustards, vinegars, rice, preserves, wines, cookies, jams, coffees, teas, chocolates…. Endless products to fill your pantry with delicacies.

Available services

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