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Dideco Majadahonda Tienda de Juguetes y libros

Toy store / Bookstore
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Dideco began his journey in our beloved and veteran store on Xaudaró street in Madrid. From that first day of 1989 until today, our commitment and reason for being remain unchanged in each and every one of the people who work at Dideco: to respond to the needs of parents and educators engaged in the training and development of the little ones. , through stimulation, play, reading and fun.

Since our beginnings, in 1989, at Dideco we are committed to the education of boys and girls, and we support parents and educators to stimulate them through games, reading and fun. We search all over the world for toys and books that show that it is never too late to learn by playing!

Our motto, “didactics, illusion, diversity and ecology”, reflects the four basic pillars of the Dideco philosophy:

  • Didactics: Our commitment to education through games. Toys and books for little explorers discovering the world.
  • Illusion: Our dedication to making the journey of learning fun. Fun toys and books to learn while playing.
  • Diversity: Our contribution to knowing and understanding racial and cultural diversity. Toys and books from around the world to get to know our planet better.
  • Ecology: Our grain of sand to educate on respect and conservation of the planet. Toys and books that respect nature to learn to take care of our resources.

This attitude and way of understanding our work is supported by the family business Feran SA, Promotora y Gestora de Dideco, which, since its foundation in 1957, maintains as its mission its commitment to service and support the education sector.

At Dideco we have made a careful selection of brands of educational educational toys, original and exclusive. In addition, we offer you books from hundreds of publishers, because we believe in the importance of reading in the growth and learning of children.

We know that there is nothing more important than education and the perfect development of our sons and daughters, so Dideco is much more than a website and a toy store and bookstore: It is a whole universe for family learning, in which you will find just what you need to enjoy learning. Our greatest hope is the trust that you have placed in us for almost 30 years!

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