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Terra Mítica

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Located in Benidorm, in the Valencian Community, Terra Mítica opened its doors in 2000 as a different bet within the country's amusement parks. Not only does it offer thrilling rides, roller coasters, and children's games, but it is set in the great civilizations of the past. Structured in Egypt, Greece and Mediterranean cultures such as Rome, the entire park presents a thematic cut around this theme.

Both the restaurants, the attractions and the different services will transport us to a totally new world of fantasy and history. In this way, in Terra Mítica we can enjoy the Nile Falls, The Port of Alexandria, The Minotaur's Labyrinth, The Icaros, The Magnus Colossus or The Flight of the Phoenix, among many other themed attractions. All this with a meticulous decoration and a great variety of representations and shows inspired by each of these cultures.

The offer of and group passes is very varied and affordable. This theme park also has special events on Halloween, at the end of October. Terra Mítica belongs to the Aqualandia Group since 2012, which also includes other facilities such as Mundomar, Iberia Village, Palm Beach Hotel or the luxurious Don Jorge apartments.


The Terra Mítica leisure park has attractions that adapt to the tastes of the whole family; from experiences for the smallest of the house, to the most daring and fast roller coasters for lovers of strong emotions. You can also enjoy thematic shows and even water walks.

Among the wide range of activities we can find: the Titanide roller coaster, the Minotaur's Labyrinth, the walk through the Port of Alexandria, the Fury of the Triton, the flight of the Phoenix, the Temple of Kinetos, the Icaros, the Nile falls , Synkope, Inferno, and many more.

Synkope: hanging from a 35m long metal arm, is the disk that will rotate at 90km / h and on which you will be sitting; vertigo transformed into an attraction. To add excitement, he swings to form a 120º angle on the ground. Are you ready to go up?

Titanide: better take off your shoes if you don't want to lose them ... 100km / h are the ones that this fast-paced roller coaster reaches. In addition, along the route it performs five 360º turns and descents from more than 30 meters high.

Inferno: if what you like are strong emotions, this roller coaster is your attraction; made up, almost entirely, of loops, unexpected turns, dizzying falls and a lot of speed. Do you dare to enter hell?

Tornado: And finally, the novelty of the 2016 season; the imposing tower, 80 meters high and weighing more than 4,500 kg, rotates at different intensities and ascends on the central axis. Enjoy this new addition to the park and its wonderful views ... if you can.


In addition to its various attractions, the Terra Mítica park has a strong point: a wide variety of live shows. Egypt, Greece, the Islands, Rome ... each area has its own shows and specially designed to revive the spirit of these Mediterranean cultures. Don't miss any!

But, in addition, this theme park has special events during the month of October on the occasion of the Halloween party. The organization of Terra Mítica takes advantage of this event to close the season in style until next year. Terrifying performances, activities for the little ones in the house, makeup and decorations cared to the millimeter ... and surprises that will take your breath away take place during the last month of each season, and conclude on October 31 celebrating Halloween in the best of the stages. Stay tuned for our news!

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