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In 2014, at DINOPEPPINO we blew out the candles for our… 20th birthday!

Today, there is a large number of children's play centers, but more than twenty years later, we can say that we were among the pioneers in the creation of children's recreation centers in Madrid. And here we continue, with the same enthusiasm and the same desire to have fun as always.

Those who were children yesterday are now parents, who return to visit us to share and relive with their children the good times they spent here. It is very common to hear anecdotes from users who tell us about their "adventures" from when they were children and celebrated birthday parties or on those afternoons of play when leaving school. There was something attached to all of them, a smile when they remembered it.

For this purpose DINOPEPPINO was born, to make parents and children happy for a few hours, generations united by the good times lived here.

For those of you who still do not know us, we introduce ourselves: DINOPEPPINO is a large children's recreation center located in the heart of Madrid, with very easy access by public transport. We have 1000 m², within which we have a space for parents, a dining room for birthday snacks and extensive facilities created especially for children:

  • Two ball pools: a small one and a much larger one with a slide, in which you can dive among hundreds of balls of different colors ... Hilarious!
  • Two trampolines in which they will not be able to stop jumping.
  • Two large bouncy castles that they love to play in. One of our most loved attractions.
  • An American track with slides and passageways, for the more adventurous.
  • A basketball court and a soccer field!

Of course, they will always be attended by highly qualified personnel. The work team is made up of a group of instructors with extensive experience in early childhood education, they will be in charge of ensuring the safety of the little ones.

For those parents who stay in the establishment, we have enabled a comfortable area for adults, where they can have a coffee or a bottle of soda from our vending machine, while their children play and enjoy themselves with their friends.

Come and play with us

You wake up and the day of “how big are you now!” Begins, with congratulations, kisses and hugs, ear-tugging, celebration, surprises, gifts ... It is true that everyone We love that our birthday arrives, but it is a chore that it is only one day a year and what happens with the other 364 days, do they also deserve to be special?

Don't worry, you don't have to be a birthday boy or girl to be able to enjoy our attractions the same… “No birthday boys”, we have also thought of you!

At DINOPEPPINO, we believe that if you wish, every day can be special. For this reason, you can also come to play any afternoon after school, on weekends or even on national holidays, and turn them into unique moments accompanied by your friends or making new friends here. Have a great time to the rhythm of your favorite music “splashing” in our two ball pools, jumping on the trampolines, having fun in the big bouncy castle or yelling gooooool! While you are playing a soccer game.

Come and play with us, the only requirement is to take off your shoes and… want to have fun!

Choose the perfect plan. The maximum age to be able to enter to play in our facilities, is of 10 years. Children under 4 years old must be accompanied by an adult, in the play area. You can come as long as you want, with the minimum game stay being one hour. After one hour, the time they remain playing is billed. If you are going to come more often, find out about the discount when you purchase our BONUS of 10 hours of play, without expiration.

Our facilities remain open, every day of the week, rain or shine, so you can come and enjoy when you feel like it the most.

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Leisure center in Madrid

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