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Bioparc Valencia

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It is an innovative project that offers the visitor the possibility of entering wild nature habitats where animals live in the social groups of their species and in coexistence with other compatible species, as occurs in nature.

BIOPARC Valencia is an animal park that has been designed under the concept of zooimmersion. The incorporation of multi-species enclosures and depth of vision makes it possible to contemplate different spaces from the same point and allows you to enjoy a unique experience only appreciable in the wild. Thanks to this, we approach the animals without visible barriers as if we were in the original places of the species.

Strolling through BIOPARC Valencia is like entering the house of the animals with all the security for them and the visitor, this generates an unrepeatable experience. Nothing can replace the visit, no photos, no videos, or narrations. But the most important thing of all is, without a doubt, the goal it pursues: to move through beauty. Impress with aesthetics so that we become aware of preserving it. To provoke a change in behavior that motivates us to live in harmony with the planet.

BIOPARC Valencia recreates in the interior of cities distant places inhabited by animal species threatened with extinction.

The objective of BIOPARC Valencia is to bring the beauty of these places as real as possible to make them known as a previous step to loving them and wanting to preserve them. To move to conserve is our motto.

The visit thus becomes a trip that allows you to contemplate nature and the wild animals that live there. We thus enjoy an unrepeatable experience that changes every day and every moment.

In our trip through these distant places, respect is key, both for space and its inhabitants, for this reason interaction with animals is not allowed, nor is it possible to throw food at them or violate them with any inappropriate behavior.


  • BIOPARC Valencia, tu viaje a la naturaleza salvaje (verano 2021)

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