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DinoPark Algar

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The DinoPark Algar theme and educational park, located in a beautiful setting near Benidorm, will surprise you with dozens of life-size robotic, static and sound models. DinoPark Algar also has play areas, paleontological patio, 3D Cinema and botanical garden of cactuses. Take your family on a ride of fun and knowledge.

Every DinoPark is different

Embark on an adventure to the Mesozoic, a DinoPark is not enough. Each one is different and unique. DinoPark is ideal for a family trip.

It shows the mysterious world of the Mesozoic.

DinoPark reveals the hitherto unknown world of dinosaurs. The boys have fun and acquire new knowledge about the history of our planet.

3D Cinema

Each park has a 3D Cinema with films produced especially for DinoPark. The entrance to the cinema is included in that of the DinoPark.

Everything for the comfort of parents and children.

All DinoParks have a cafeteria with fast food, play and picnic areas, parking, DinoShop with dinosaur souvenirs. The boys play and the parents relax.

Every year new scenes, new models, new surprises and fun.

Every year, DinoPark prepares novelties with non-traditional models, scenes, games and training.

DinoPark is for children of any age.

Both the youngest and the oldest visitors will find what amuses and interests them. DinoPark offers entertainment and knowledge.

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  • DINOPARK Cactus de l'Algar
  • DinoPark Algar

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