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Doña Carmen

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DOÑA CARMEN was born in 1970 in Santander. Her founder is not called Carmen, although everyone asks and most calls her Carmen. Like all our team, all women and they all call them Carmen. This is how the history of Doña Carmen is written, a family business that began as a small store wanting to bring new things and little by little with work and perseverance it has managed to carve out a small niche in the baby fashion sector.

Our journey begins with an idea, an idea that comes to mind one day and begins to take shape in endless afternoons in which we put things in common and we spend hours dreaming about everything we want to do. We want to take that idea forward and for this we look and review samples of fabrics, lace, buttons, we drive Isabel crazy who is not with us but as if she were because we called her to order a dress that is very exhausted but a client wants it for her Twins, we also make Ana a little dizzy, who visits us from time to time always with precious things that drive us crazy and we can't wait for the following summer because we want to show it to you now ... Mer also tells us from the store that the leggings are small, Lola since Madrid is angry because he has nothing left to sell and Amparo from Murcia complains that we ignore him. From time to time there is also an email from a client who makes us sit down and think about why this fails, why it does not like it or asks us about a romper that she has loved and there is no longer either in the store or on the web. We tried to get it for him.

This is our day to day, working to get beautiful things done at the lowest cost. We know what we want but it does not serve us at any cost. This is the backbone of Doña Carmen, a design with which we intend to differentiate ourselves and at an affordable price for all.

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