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Kids&Us Albacete - Inglés para niños

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Natural English

At Kids & Us, children grow up accompanied by our characters and stories. Our courses are an open and imaginative way of seeing and understanding the world, which will allow them to assume language skills and reach the different levels established in the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

Get to know our courses:

Babies. From the first year of life.

1 and 2 years old Accompanied by two cute and tender mice, the youngest will enter the world of English. This tour begins in an environment rich in emotional stimuli, where interaction is promoted from day one and where the first words in their mother tongue and in English will emerge from their lips almost at the same time.

Kids. Learning to the rhythm of nature.

From 3 years old Kids & Us characters grow at the same rate as our students, because they are inspired by them, real boys and girls who belong to different age groups. Together with the protagonists of each course, students will continue learning English through situations very close to their interests and motivations.

Tweens. Inquisitive minds grow everywhere.

From the age of 9 Thanks to the oral base achieved in the Kids stage, Tweens students will be able to continue advancing in the internalization of a large number of structures and idiomatic expressions. They will consolidate their reading and begin to write their first texts, based on situations and characters that connect with pre-adolescent concerns.

Teens. Inspire the world you see.

From the age of 13 Adolescence is a time of openness to the world in which the mind absorbs new realities and needs language to explain them. Teens courses take advantage of the new potentialities of the adolescent brain to take a great step in learning the language and allow students to communicate in many more situations and contexts.

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