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Museo de Juegos Tradicionales

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The La Tanguilla Cultural Association has a permanent museum in which a wide variety of traditional games or sports and vintage toys are exhibited.

The visitor, after learning about some of the traditional European games in an audiovisual presentation, begins the tour contemplating the traditional childhood toys made by hand by children from the middle of the last century: whistles, rattles, slingshots, swords, marbles, rattles ... … A whole nostalgic journey that will take us back to our childhood for a few moments.

The children's room is completed with board games, such as pool games or cards; a very varied collection of spinning tops from the five continents; figures of Indians and cowboys or soldiers in formation, whirligigs, kitchens, cut-outs, cork shotguns, bows and arrows, little gadgets, puzzles, dolls and many more toys.

Winter sports, with their blade skates and sledges, serve as a transition from the world of children to the world of adults: power throwing or aiming games, such as the barbell or the tanguilla; traditional pastoral games, among which the monterilla or the stilts stand out; mallet and ball games such as crook, Irish hurling, cricket, or cricket; bowling, with representation from French and Portuguese modalities and from all the Spanish communities where this modality is practiced; ball or bocce games; Traditional Italian, French, Swedish, Portuguese, Danish or Finnish sports complete this tour of the sports for adults, ending with a space dedicated entirely to the games and sports of Castilla y León with more than twenty types of bowling, the frog, the calva, the chana, and of course the tanguilla.

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