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Hostal Sotopalacios S.L.

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With more than 50 years of history, the Sotopalacios hostel has evolved and adapted to each era, maintaining its essence. His personality based on a traditional cuisine together with a close treatment has been and is the key to his current success.

Our location and history means that there is a culinary background based on traditional dishes with a touch of fusion. The restaurant is made up of several dining rooms and lounges of different styles and sizes that allow the ability to serve any number of diners, and always with a close and familiar treatment.

From a coffee, breakfast, ham cake, tortilla skewer, beer, portions ... to a combined plate. This is the cafeteria of the Sotopalacios Restaurant. Its large space divided into two areas, together with its easy access and parking, makes it a must-stop, either by step or to be comfortably.

Our establishment has an ideal design for celebrating children's birthday thanks to a large spacious playground located next to one of the dining rooms and separated by windows. This allows parents to enjoy the little ones while having them always visible.

Available services

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