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El Cau

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El Cau is a project aimed at families with young children (0 to 9 years old) so that they share an environment and some materials that, when they come into contact with children, spontaneously play, free play.

Free and spontaneous play

In the middle of the Eixample there is a welcoming and stimulating cau where families with young children can freely play, feel, discover, experiment, learn, imagine, create, express themselves, interact and, above all, have fun.

A living and safe space that invites you to jump, go up, go down, crawl, or transform it with your imagination.

We believe in free play.

Daily shared activities

The free play proposal is complemented each day with directed group activities: workshops, rules games, dance, storytelling, group games, crafts, cinema, puppets, body language, ...

We do not intend to do large workshops but "just" have a good time together: doing a craft, experiments, sensations, dancing, discovering, jumping, ... playing.

Daily activities are not scheduled. We can change them on the fly, depending on the children who have come to play that day.


On Sunday mornings when there is no theater we do things in groups. Sensory experiences (psychomotor skills with toilet paper, playing with boxes, ...).

Workshops that stimulate the artist within us, with stories, painting, theater, music, cooking, ... Group games, game presentations, ... Ball, body expression, massage ...


Two Sundays a month, the burrow room is transformed into a small theater where several companies present their theater proposals for children and babies: puppets, storytelling, magic, clown, shadows and lights, improvisation, live music, dance and animation, ...


Would your son like to celebrate his birthday by inviting friends to have a snack and play cayenne?

We have a proposal that includes 3 hours of free play, snack, cake and a directed activity (group game, crafts, dance, ...) adapted to your tastes.

Coffee shop

Integrated into the play area, a small cafeteria with snacks and breakfasts for the whole family: coffee, chocolate, tea, sandwiches, cakes, fruit, pasta, natural juices and smoothies, cookies, crepes, ... and tapas for the aperitif whip, ham, cheese, olives, potatoes, ...

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