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Kindermuseum München

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More than 25 years ago, the Munich City Council decided to install the Children's Museum in Munich. Initially equipped with a discarded bus, the museum moved to where the children are: directly to the different points of the city, to meadows, playgrounds and festivals. Since 1995, the children's museum has been located in what is probably the most central location in Munich, the main train station.

A children's museum that means having an unusual place for all children and their families in Munich. A place that invites everyone to join, play, experiment and work, try and investigate. A museum that only begins to come to life with its visitors, their ideas and their imaginations.

Nearly 40 groundbreaking and innovative exhibits on a wide variety of children's issues have already been shown. Where does the air we breathe come from? Why do soap bubbles explode? How do you build a house? What is in our food? How is music made? With us, children can find answers to such complicated questions in a playful way.

More than a million children of all ages, both young and old, have already visited our exhibitions. Either in our house at the train station or in our mobile exhibitions that lend themselves to kindergartens, kindergartens and schools or other museums. And every day there are more!

What is a children's and youth museum?

A children's museum is a place for world research. Young visitors must be creatively encouraged in their development and understand the interrelationships of our complex world through curiosity, imagination, and the joy of experimentation.

More than 100 years ago, America's first children's museum was installed as a kind of school museum. Meanwhile, the concept has expanded, developed and molded and can now be found all over the world. In the 1990s, in particular, museums for children and young people were founded in Europe and also in Germany. The Munich Children's Museum was one of the first.

The selection of the exhibition themes is always closely related to our living environment and by the way, the joy of discovery and the curiosity to experiment creates a valuable learning effect that is not only fun for children.

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