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Biblioteca Pública de Vigo Juan Compañel

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To be a center of access to knowledge, information and culture from the perspective of a local public service, an open space for coexistence, communication and information, an agent for the promotion of reading, a place for self-taught learning and support for educational processes. .


We aspire to be a library with agile and innovative processes capable of providing quality services that meet the needs of our users and the community we serve through appropriate, qualified and efficient personnel, open to change and teamwork.


  • Establish a plan for the adaptation of spaces, facilities and equipment to improve services.
  • Strengthen the library to make it the cultural center of the community, a meeting place where culture and leisure are promoted.
  • Improve the internal communication system.
  • Develop a user training plan on new technologies.


The origins are in the Popular Library of Vigo, created by order of the Ministry of National Education in 1942. Installed in the Plaza de Compostela, it would remain under the name of Jaime Solá Public Library until 1979, when it was moved to a new headquarters in Rúa Romil.

This second stage marked a major upgrade for the library, with an expansion of its holdings, more space, and a significant increase in the workforce.

Years later, the City Council decides to buy what is known as the Iron Building and undertakes rehabilitation work to accommodate the library. In 1995, the current headquarters were opened and renamed the Central Public Library of Vigo.

The plenary session of the Vigo City Council, in the session of October 28, 2013, approved the agreement to change the name by renaming it the Juan Compañel Public Library.

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  • Biblioteca Pública de Vigo Juan Compañel

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