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Escuela Equitación San Cosme

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About us

Professionals with high qualifications and experience in the horse world.

Club approved by the Galician Equestrian Federation with three stirrups, qualified instructors and the best facilities in the province of Pontevedra.

Located 300 meters from O Castro British School, five minutes from CUVI and 15 minutes maximum from the center of Vigo city.

We have a benchmark equestrian center in Galicia and recognized nationally and internationally since both students and teachers have participated in European and World Championships.

Our classes.

From initiation to competition and for all ages.

The San Cosme riding school offers classes of the different equestrian modalities and for all levels, from initiation to high competition. We also do hypnotherapy classes since the benefits of this sport are amazing. Hippotherapy has a favorable impact on a social level, since when riding a horse, people with disabilities or with some disease are not isolated, they have contact with the world, with the horse, with whom I went to the horse and with the exercises.

We are convinced that it is a sport that contributes fundamental values ​​today, such as responsibility, companionship, effort, respect for nature, the desire to improve and an absolute improvement in self-esteem.

We believe that by promoting this sporting activity we carry out beneficial social work for a large number of people of all ages, class and condition.

Come and enjoy any of our activities, if you try them, repeat!

Our riding school.

The Club Hípico Alazán is the first reference riding club in Spain with thirty-three years of history. The best riders in the Galician record have come out of this club, participating in World Cup competitions.

We are a group of highly qualified professionals with experience in various facets of the horse world.

We have a leading equestrian center in Galicia and recognized nationally.

We have an experienced team whose success is based on the quality of the quarry, everything begins with the children.

At the San Cosme riding school you not only come to learn how to ride a horse, we do various activities such as camps, equestrian routes, themed days, social competitions so that students can demonstrate their evolution.

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  • Alex Pereiro
    · 2 years ago Full star Full star Full star Full star Full star 5
    Hemos llevado unas cuantas veces a nuestra hija a clases sueltas en las que van de paseo en grupo junto con una monitora y va encantada. Siempre quiere repetir e incluso ahorra en su hucha para poder volver. Por edad a ella le toca ir en pony, pero tienen para todas las edades.

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