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Naturnova | Centro Interactivo de Educación Ambiental

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Naturnova is an Interactive Environmental Education Center open to the public since July 5, 2003. It tries to present in a clear and summarized way our environment, a world full of curiosities, to all those interested in shaking hands with something so attractive as is Nature.

Its main objective is to stimulate the knowledge of the world that surrounds us and the diffusion of its importance, in order that we learn to value it, respect it and love it. Nobody wants what they do not know.

It allows the visitor, through interactive modules, to explore many and varied topics in an active and playful way. The information is presented through virtual images, objects, smells, recreation of environments, maps ... All this helps to easily discover our world from the global, to the closest to us.

The tour begins with a vision of the Universe, our galaxy and the solar system to then introduce us to our planet. From him we will know all the elements that condition life (soil, water, air) and also the living beings with whom we share our space. It ends with the human being's relationship with the environment: how it uses resources, how it affects the environment when using them, and how, currently, it tries to solve the problems that it has created.

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