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La Nave

Indoor playground
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Children's leisure park in Vigo. More than 1200 square meters of fun for children between the ages of 3 and 12 (for children under 3 there is an area set up for them).

With a large air-conditioned cafeteria, where adults can enjoy a pleasant afternoon watching some of the TV channels that we have.



With a height of 6 meters and 4 different panels according to difficulty:

–Tetris: For the initiation to climbing. You can see that it is not as difficult as it seems ...

–Double rock panel: Compete with a friend to see who does it in the shortest time possible, or do it yourself just to perfect the technique.

- Moon panel: The most complicated but not impossible for that.

Wanting is power! Go ahead and try them!

FOOTBALL FIELDS (3-6 years and 6-12 years)

We have two soccer fields that can also be enjoyed as basketball courts.

They are differentiated by age so that all children can play.

Organize your party with friends!


We have 4 ball cannons on a lunar stage.

Have fun testing your aim by shooting the foam-rubber balls against your rivals.

Point and shoot!.


Area enabled with our mannequin dolls so that all kinds of hairstyles can be made.

At the end of the snacks, the children who want to can be made up by our monitors (Activity regulated according to availability).


With 4 driving simulators, differentiated by age.

Dare to feel the speed and show your driving skills in the different levels and driving terrains.

BALL POOL -Play park- (3-10 years old)

With 3 levels of height, all in one, children can climb, slide down the slides and through tunnels.

Ideal for children who want to show their dexterity and coordination. With hanging sacks, winches and a large pool of balls that will make the children have a great time.


180 square meters of giant inflatable, with a 6 meter high slide that will make children feel a new sensation.

With a rocket space to climb and a small mountain to slide down… it will be a stellar experience.


Interactive floor game that combines the intuitive movement of the body with the projected. The image reacts with the movement of the children's body.

With 10 different games regulated by time, so that the smallest of the house have a great time.


BABY PARK (0-3 years)

For children who, due to their age, still cannot access the other activities in the park, we have a small space for them.

It is a totally free area (without surveillance) in which they must be accompanied by an adult.

It has a slide, ball pool, seesaws and age-appropriate games.

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