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Taberna A De Lino

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Taberna A de Lino, located in A Fraga (Moaña), arises in order to make one of many conversations between grandfather and grandson come true, in which both dreamed of the idea of ​​transforming the old family home, as well as the animal stables , the old wine press and the patio, in a tavern where you can gather friends and family.

To put you in context, I reveal to you that it was usual for the house to be full of people, gathered around the stone table that presides over the terrace of the current tavern. There was no shortage of food and a good glass of wine, necessary to share stories and time with Grandpa Lino.

Little by little, and over the years, this dream of which I am speaking materialized with the gradual construction of the Tavern. I warn you that just by crossing the huge portal that receives the friends of the Fraga, we know that we are in one of those "special" places, which transport you to another time, with a feeling of calm, tranquility, I almost dare to say, it's as if time stopped ...

La Taberna is made with care, with care, and above all, a special affection is appreciated in everything that has been touched ... and I am not mistaken when I start to talk with one of the culprits of this well-cared tavern: Lino Fervenza.

Lino has been able to merge the business idea with the recovery of the traditional “Quinteiro”, a place where farm tools were kept. With the magic and strength of Grandfather, he has maintained the purity of the house and its inner courtyard, transforming the Tavern into his flag.

Without neglecting the great location of the Taberna, on the Morrazo Peninsula, I focus on his careful cuisine. Simple and traditional, and in continuous improvement, it has given way to different dishes, of great acceptance, managing to become a reference in the area, where friends from La Fraga, like me, enjoy a different place, pleasant cuisine, and pleasant company…

Amanda fervenza

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