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Isla Mágica

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This theme park created in 1997 is located in Seville. If you travel to the Andalusian capital you cannot miss it, due to its location within the city and its attractions for the whole family. It has a water park since 2014, Agua Mágica.

Located in the heart of Seville, the Agua Mágica and Isla Mágica parks form a leisure complex that offers all the fun options for a hot day, which includes both vertiginous attractions and water elements. Built on the premises of the Seville Expo in 1997, Isla Mágica was the first of the two parks to be inaugurated.

Thus it became the first theme park located within the urban core of a city. It is completely set in the times of the discovery of America, and the Agua Mágica section puts the most refreshing point to this historical adventure. This second section was inaugurated in 2014, and completed the park's offer with water slides, refreshing attractions and numerous swimming pools.

The complex features dozens of roller coasters, manicured environments, water attractions, shows, themed zones and areas specially designed for the little ones.


With the heat of summer and the asphalt of the city, what you most want is to take a good dip. For this reason, Isla Mágica has a water park where you can cool off and have fun in equal measure. It is Agua Mágica, an oasis with many attractions: Quetzal Beach, a large wave pool that simulates the sea; Island of slides, guaranteed fun; Slow River, where you can let yourself be carried away by the current through the entire park; Mini paradise, an exciting park for the little ones in a pool of more than 600 m2.

  • The Anaconda: a water roller coaster where nothing is what it seems. What promised to be a quiet walk through a canal, will end up being an incredible adventure with falls of up to 17 meters.
  • Iguazú: it consists of a descent in a raft through some waterfalls at more than 50km / h in which you will not be able to prevent the water from splashing you.
  • Rapids of the Orinoco: enter El Dorado through the 500 meters of rafting that you can enjoy in this attraction full of emotions.
  • Jaguar: for the more adventurous and daring, the Amazon area offers this dizzying attraction. It is the largest roller coaster on Isla Mágica, with falls of up to 32 meters in height and at a speed of up to 85km / h, where you can unleash all the adrenaline you can, and more.
  • Roller Coaster: for fans of this type of attraction, it will be the star of your visit to the park. With 23.5 meters high and a route of more than 740 meters, this attraction becomes one of the largest water roller coasters in the world. Enjoy both in and out of the water and cool off with a final dip.
  • Cyclone: ​​you can roll and roll in this attraction full of sensations where you will slide from 14m high without stopping turning.
  • The Challenge: if you have been to Isla Mágica you have surely seen it, and if you are going to go, it will not go unnoticed. It is the most interesting attraction in the park due to its versatility, since it has 6 operating modes that change throughout the day, so that the whole family can enjoy. From the Panoramic, a slow, smooth fall, to the Pojo, two high-intensity falls in a row from 68 meters high!


Isla Mágica park is inspired by the Discovery of America, this park is divided into 6 thematic zones:

Seville Port of the Indies

This area takes you directly to the 16th century, where you can enjoy 7 attractions, such as El Desafío, Las Carabelas or the Magic Carousel, shows at the Corral de Comedias or the Port and the best dishes of Andalusian cuisine in one of its three restaurants: Il Porto, La Tahona or La Ventana del Puerto. It also has the Grocery Store, where you can get all kinds of souvenirs from Isla Mágica and the Photographic Center, where you can print photos of your visit.

America Gate

Around the Fort of San Felipe there is a wide area designed for both fun and relaxation. Discover life in the Americas in its attractions, such as La Anaconda, El Galeón or the Barbarroja Ship. Do not miss the equestrian and diverse shows that are offered in the Amphitheater of the Lake and El Fuerte. Authentic gastronomy of South America is what you can find in the restaurants, El Cañón, El Colombiano, El Fuerte, El Kiosko del Lago or La Cabaña Criolla. The little ones will also be able to enjoy play areas, such as The Navigator's School or the Water Guns.

The lair of the Pirates

Danger lurks in every corner of this area. Pirates, corsairs and buccaneers take advantage of the robbery of their ships to rest and continue doing some of their misdeeds. Be careful! You can be one of their victims. Have fun in El Capitán Balas, a tour through the hidden secrets of pirates, or in Los Toneles, where you will have to try not to get dizzy with the incessant twists. In La Fragata they will offer you 2 shows that you cannot miss: The Black Flag or The Mutiny. In addition, you will be able to enjoy the food in the restaurants like a real pirate, among which La Taberna stands out, an authentic lair, in which every corner is decorated with memories of travels through all the seas.

The Golden

The City of Gold will dazzle you with its monumental ancient buildings and mysterious Aztec elements. After a thick vegetation layer, you will find the magic of El Dorado, in attractions such as the Flight of the Falcon or the Orinoco Rapids. In addition, this area has the Condor Circus, where you can enjoy 2 magical shows: The Jungle Book and The Legend of the Eagle Man. A landscape worthy of admiration, while you eat one of the hot dogs at Kiosko El Dorado. In the hottest hours it is important to stay hydrated and the little ones will find in Morgan's Refuge an interactive and very refreshing play area.


In this area of ​​lush vegetation you will be able to lose yourself, it will be the greatest adventure. It has 4 attractions surrounded by a totally green landscape: Iguazú, Jaguar, Las Llamas and Topetazú. An incredible experience to live the Amazon itself from within.

The Fountain of Youth

The perfect island for anyone who does not want to grow up. An area full of color where both young and old can enjoy a wide variety of games. A magical environment that has attractions such as the Caimán Bailón or La Rana Jumping. All designed for your children to enjoy this adventure to the fullest. In addition, you can enjoy shows at the Enchanted Theater, such as Menuda Panda, or taste some of the delicacies at the Come-Come restaurant or the Kiosko Pacopico.

Useful information

Do I have to print the tickets?

It is not necessary, you can present your tickets in print or directly on your mobile.

Until what age do children enter Isla Mágica for free?

Children under 3 years old, inclusive, do not pay admission.

Is there a discount for people with disabilities?

Yes, the rate for people over 33% disabled is 13 euros / full day. These tickets can be purchased online. Do not forget to bring your disability certificate, you can request it at the park access.

Are there discounts for large families?

Yes, there is a special rate for large families with a 25% discount on the general rate. These tickets can only be purchased at the physical ticket office of the park by presenting an accrediting document and cannot be combined with other offers.

Services and advice

  • Each of the park areas has different services such as drinking water fountains and toilets. The park in general has a public telephone, wheelchair service, trolley rental for babies and children, a lactation room, an ATM, lost property, and a health and visitor service.
  • It also has different stores throughout the park and in thematic areas, where you can find everything from food products to souvenirs from your experience. As well as restaurants or kiosks in all areas of the park.

Available services

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