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Micropolix is ​​a children's city oriented to educational leisure aimed mainly at children from 4 to 14 years old, located in a covered area of ​​12,000 square meters in the town of San Sebastián de los Reyes in Madrid.

Can you imagine a city on a scale, tailored to your children? That is Micropolix: a city with more than 30 themed spaces where children learn the value of work through play.

Micropolix has many of the resources and institutions of a modern city. It works thanks to the collaboration of citizens, who work in different areas and also enjoy what the city offers. In Micropolix, the only citizens are the children. Therefore, they will be in charge of making the city and all its elements work as they should. Micropolix has its own streets, squares, lampposts, bank, town hall, hospital, supermarket, television set, police station, etc.

To enjoy leisure activities, citizens must work and earn Eurix, Micropolix's own currency. For a few hours, your children will become firefighters, journalists, architects, musicians, doctors, replenishers and a long etcetera. They will be able to get their driving license, so they will have to go to a driving school to be examined, as in all cities in the world.

At Micropolix, children will become adults for a day. They will experience everyday and real life situations of adults through play. They will approach the rules of coexistence, social values, decision-making and the management of their own economic resources.

Our activities are adapted to the different ages, concerns and needs of the children who visit us. At Micropolix they learn by having fun, discovering, participating, researching, practicing… and working. In this way, values ​​such as independence and effort are promoted, which will be rewarded with financial resources that they can spend on leisure activities.

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