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Restaurante aCantina

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aCantina is a restaurant in the Ribeira Sacra that opened its doors in 1947 as a grocery store, bar, winery and eating house, including a movie theater. In 2005, it proceeded to the comprehensive rehabilitation as a recreational-gastronomic space where history and the future, nostalgia and avant-garde converge.

Gastronomy and commitment

In the interior lands of Galicia there are lush forests where hunting is abundant and the mycological universe infinite, meadows where cattle find the best pastures and orchards with seasonal vegetables. Excellent raw materials for a rich and elaborate cuisine in which the wines of the land itself cannot be missing.

Restaurante aCantina 's commitment to our customers is based on the concept of total quality extended to all aspects of the activity, from personal treatment to the provision of any type of service that is within our reach.

Our clients, through their concerns, help us to improve ourselves, to be better. We are always open to listening to opinions and criticism, as one more tool that helps us achieve our goals.

If you are thinking about where to eat during your visit to the Ribeira Sacra , do not hesitate to come to aCantina. You will be able to try our specialties, typical of inland Galicia and made with the love of your grandmother. We prepare the most typical dishes of the gastronomy of the area with local products, vegetables and garden products and of course, meat from the interior, our main product.

Accompany your meal with the renowned Ribeira Sacra wine , with a designation of origin established since 1997. We work with the large Amandi wine-producing wineries: Regina Viarum, Guímaro, Ponte da Boga, Peza do Rei, Adega Vella, Don Bernardino, Frieira, Estrela, Rectory of Amandi, Régoa, etc.

It has a small playground outside.

Available services

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